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Presented by The Wrisinger & Briley Franchise Groups with Bill Althaus and Tony Wrisinger

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Sideliner Sports is proud to be a trusted media partner of eighteen (18) high schools in Eastern Jackson County and Cass County. Sideliner Sports has aired The Sonic Locker Room Radio Program on Real Country 1030 AM KCWJ since the 2008-2009 school year, as well as play by play of high school softball, boys and girls’ basketball and baseball since 2014.

The Sonic Locker Room Radio Program is a unique radio program where eighteen (18) local high schools enjoys its own exclusive fifteen (15) minute radio program Real Country 1030 AM KCWJ. This award-winning program is hosted by award winning sports columnist Bill Althaus of The Examiner and Sideliner Sports.

Each week, these high schools can highlight the outstanding students, coaches, faculty, activities, music and theater, clubs and organizations, and events at their school. Bill Althaus interviews the guests provided by the school to discuss what they wish to highlight that week.

Since it started in 2008, there have been over 6,000 radio shows that have aired on Real Country 1030 AM KCWJ with well over 12,000 students, coaches, and faculty members as guests. Included in these shows are many that have featured athletics, academics, theater and music. But in addition to the traditional subjects, many of our programs highlight programs such as Robotics, Speech and Debate, Scholar Bowl and numerous community events featuring students and representatives of our partner schools.

The Sonic Locker Room is much appreciated and well received by the communities and school districts we serve. They enjoy the “always positive” nature of the program, as well as the opportunity to hear and learn about the outstanding schools and its programs from its outstanding faculty, coaches, directors, and students who are our future community leaders and friends.

The Sonic Locker Room is Always Informative! Always Local! Always POSITIVE!

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